Teeth Whitening

Tooth bleaching in Hackettstown, New Jersey

We all love our smile to look bright, clean and healthy. Our teeth whitening services in Hackettstown, NJ are a great way to get a fast smile makeover and a new look.

Nowadays, bright teeth are attainable and affordable through a variety of options offered at our dental office.

To get the best whitening options on the market that work, you should set up an appointment with our dentists and explore what is out there. All the treatments are different and may or may not fit your lifestyle.

There are a variety of bleaching services available- from over the counter methods to solid procedures found in a dentist’s office. It is recommended that if you want the process to last and get good results, you should seek out the advice and guidance from Dr. Skrapits especially when it comes to bleaching the color of your natural teeth.

What Causes Our Teeth to Stain?

Over time, our teeth can take a beating. Many things in life can cause our teeth to become discolored  including:

  • Medications – medicine can affect your oral health and cause discoloration
  • Tobacco – smoking cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products can yellow the teeth over time
  • Coffee/Tea/Wine – certain beverages can change the color of our teeth and make them look old and dirty including wine, coffee, and tea are drinks that will cause your teeth to yellow
  • Aging – time marches on and so does the wear and tear on our teeth
  • Grinding/Injury – sometimes we crack, hit, or chip our teeth or just grind them down in our sleep. The smallest crack can cause discoloration and make our teeth look worse than they need to look

When you choose this kind of procedure, you are returning your teeth back to a younger state and look. This method is one of the fastest ways to look instantly younger and to get a fast smile makeover at an affordable treatment price.

Methods and Treatment

Your dentist will have a variety of whitening systems in office from different brands when it comes to professional bleaching services. These are superior products that can whiten even the most difficult conditions. The systems provided by the dentist can be done in an office, and there are also take home options available.

Take home methods work on your teeth for a period of time and remove the stains and dirt that are beneath the enamel. Formulas with trays can produce incredible results in a short amount of time. Most of the professional level systems are deep bleaching and will last longer than store formulas and are tough enough to remove deep rooted stains that have been there for years.

Other OptionsTeeth Whitening procedures in Hackettstown, New Jersey

There are systems you can purchase from your dentist directly that can be customized to the whitening level you need for your situation. There are also treatments available for sensitive teeth.

Whitening Trays

Whitening trays are also referred to as “bleaching” trays and are capable of changing your tooth color. The formula that you insert into the trays usually contains a form of bleach like hydrogen peroxide or something similar.

Trays can be done right in your dentist’s office. Your dentist will have the gel applied professionally with your gums fully protected. The treatment lasts 20 minutes to an hour and if your teeth need a lot of work it may take an additional visit.

Take Home Kits

Take home kits given by your dentist are another option to whitening teeth. They are not as strong as an in-office treatment and operate through bleaching trays that are worn much like a mouth guard. You can only obtain a professional level take home kit from your dentist.

Do I Need the Dentist?

We understand that when it comes to whitening your teeth there are a lot of choices available to patients, but you will get what you pay for in the end. An in-office treatment is handled by trained dental professionals that know how to get you the best results. Also, if you are planning on bridges or other prosthetic procedures and you want to whiten your teeth, then you will want to make sure you have it done before any crowns, veneers, or bridges are handled. A dental professional will make sure your process is successful as well as maintaining safety standards and protecting your gums.

We are your trusted practice for professional teeth whitening! Call our friendly team today to book an appointment and get that dazzling smile you deserve.