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Dentures have come a long way in recent years. With the increase in dental technology and precision, your dentist can provide full or partial dentures that fit right and feel natural. Full denture procedures are available at our practice.

This kind of dental appliance can be a great affordable option for replacing missing teeth. There are a few different variables and full or partial options. After a thorough consultation with our dentists, you can decide with them what is right for your situation.

Options and Choices

Your dentist can create and make available a variety of dentures that could potentially suit your needs. There is the immediate kind that are often worn when a permanent option is under construction. It operates as a full dental piece that replaces all your missing teeth so that you have teeth as soon as anything is removed. This option gives the patient the opportunity to never live without teeth. You may need to have this piece tightened as your gum heals from any tooth removal.

A full piece is a full set of removable teeth made to fit your mouth completely. This set is given when your mouth is fully healed from any extractions. You most likely will wear the immediate piece until this appliance is ready.

Partial appliances “partially” work with your surrounding natural teeth almost like a bridge, but they are removable. You can interconnect them alongside crowns and other teeth. They are connected to a metal frame placed on top of your real teeth.

Wearing DenturesDenture procedures in Hackettstown, New Jersey

Dentures are created out of an acrylic type of material that matches the color of your gum line. They fit the roof of your mouth and around your tongue in a U-shaped manner so that you can speak, chew and use your mouth normally.

The process begins with a series of appointments where your dentist will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth. The impressions will help a dental lab create a perfectly designed and custom fit set of teeth that fit your mouth completely and naturally. From there, our dentists will fit the piece and make any specific customizations to help you use the appliance well and in a helpful and easy manner, so that you can live life normally with your new removable teeth.

Is this Option Right for Me?

This type of tooth replacement device is not for everyone. There are more permanent options like dental implants to choose from but dentures give you a wide variety of options when replacing missing teeth. Partials may be good for someone who still has a lot of teeth but is missing a lot in one area due to an injury or periodontal disease.

In a partial piece, the denture could be matched and fitted in between existing teeth to replace any missing teeth. They essentially mix in and compliment your natural remaining teeth. You may need to have additional teeth pulled that are unhealthy to make this procedure work effectively.

With a full set of dentures, you get a complete set of new teeth. For this option, all your current teeth are either already missing or removed. This option is usually used when you have lost teeth due to gum disease and decay and have suffered bone loss that can’t support implants. A new, complete appliance can be created to give a full, natural smile, and you will be able to eat and speak normally.

How Will I Feel?

It may take a minor adjustment period to get used to your new dental appliance. Speaking at first will feel strange and may be difficult as your muscles acclimate to the new structure in your mouth. You may be a bit uncomfortable at first with minor irritation. Practice your speech at home by pronouncing difficult words slowly. This will help you to get used to speaking with dentures faster.

Routine Checkups and Maintenance

You should treat your dentures like regular teeth with daily cleaning and brushing. You should also clean the inside of your mouth when the dentures are removed. This can be done by rubbing toothpaste to your oral structures with a brush or with a hand towel. You should have a special cleanser on hand made just for this oral appliance, and you should use it regularly. You will need to visit your dentist routinely to have your piece tightened as well as checked.

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