Hackettstown implant dentistry

Getting a dental implant restoration procedure is like getting a natural tooth put back into place. They feel incredibly natural and last for a very long time, if not a lifetime. They are a great solution to missing, broken, or decaying teeth. Implant dentistry is available at our dental office.

The implant procedure consists of a prosthetic tooth root replacing your old natural tooth root. The titanium implant creates an environment that is stable and firm. Once this firm foundation is established, an abutment and a prosthetic tooth called a crown is put into place.

People lose teeth for many reasons including decay and gum disease, injury, trauma, and more. When you get this restoration process, you feel like you have a normal, natural tooth back into place and can feel confident about your smile again.

The Procedure

The actual process works in a series of steps:

  • A titanium tooth root is placed in the bone socket area where the natural tooth root once resided. It will need time to bond with the gum area and below. This bonding time is important because it creates the foundation in your jawbone for the implant to be a success.
  • Once the bonding period is complete and the tooth root is in place, the next step is to put into place a post called an abutment on top of the tooth root. Your tissue will heal around this post as well and this is the post on which the prosthetic tooth will be placed upon.
  • The final step is to fit the crown on top of the abutment. The crown will have been made by your dentist to match your existing teeth in color and shape. Your new tooth will feel normal and natural like a regular tooth.

Are They Right for Me?Hackettstown, New Jersey implant Dentist

This dental procedure is not right for every person. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered to evaluate if implants are even the right option for you. The current state of your overall oral health and gums will come into play when making this decision. The bone area around the missing tooth and in the jaw has to be stable enough to hold the implant and make the procedure successful.

Your jaw will need to meet certain criteria to make this happen. The implant root must have the right support from healthy gum tissue and bone surrounding it. Bone loss can sometimes prevent this procedure from being possible. However, in some cases, bone grafting can take place to rebuild bone in the area in order to create the right structure for a future implant. These are all things that Dr. Skrapits will consider when evaluating your teeth and gums during the initial consultations.

There are some medical conditions that could prevent you from being a good candidate for this procedure. You will need to review any medical history, chronic disease, or other health challenges with your dentist before you decide if this is right for you.

What Can I Expect?

Implants can replace one tooth, several teeth, or can be utilized for a full mouth reconstruction procedure to provide you a full new set of teeth.

The actual process and procedure in most situations is done right inside the dental office. Sedative options are available for those who have fear and anxiety about dental treatment. Sedative options usually include pills, intravenous sedation methods or gas.

Post Procedure

Dental implants are an investment and can last a lifetime if you take great care of them. You must treat them like they are real teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Routine dental cleaning appointments and regular follow ups with your dentist are required to check your new teeth. During these check-ups, our dentists will make sure your procedure is still working well and you are in good oral health. It’s important that the surrounding natural teeth and gums stay strong and healthy. Any decay or gum disease could negatively impact your fake teeth.

If you treat your new teeth with great care, they should in most cases last a lifetime. Rarely do they need to be removed or replaced. Having this type of dental procedure is like getting a second chance at natural teeth, you will barely notice the difference.

Give our friendly staff a call today to see if dental implants are right for you.